Anonymous asked: "NAC, this is for all the people that are nervous about talking to the Starkids/them seeing how socially awkward they are. Don't worry! The Starkids are professionals and they are experts at talking to fans! Every Starkid I have met is super nice and do their best not to be intimidating."


SO TRUE! What could be intimating about these lovable folks? :)

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Confessed by: holy-musical-blog

Confessed by: holy-musical-blog

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Confessed by: Anonymous

Confessed by: Anonymous

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Confessed by: fifigymnast

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gryffinhuffleslytherclaw asked: "To the person that confessed about hoping for an AVPM update: I second that!!"

I feel like there may be a few more fans who agree with you ;)

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Anonymous asked: "NAC: doesnt joey say Starkid though?"

On StarKid’s official website it says StarKid

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dreaminghermione asked: "NAC: hey! I need a starkid cosplay for this weekend and I was wondering if you or any of the totally awesome people that follow this blog could help me think of some ideas? (ideally easy to obtain and not too expensive) thank you for your time :)"

Well, 2 of my (Claire) favorites would be

Mama Umbridge

Or Taz :)

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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Anonymous asked: "NAC: is it StarKid or Starkid?"


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