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Confessed by: holy-musical-blog

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Confessed by: Anonymous

Confessed by: Anonymous

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Confessed by: fifigymnast

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gryffinhuffleslytherclaw asked: "To the person that confessed about hoping for an AVPM update: I second that!!"

I feel like there may be a few more fans who agree with you ;)

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Anonymous asked: "NAC: doesnt joey say Starkid though?"

On StarKid’s official website it says StarKid

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dreaminghermione asked: "NAC: hey! I need a starkid cosplay for this weekend and I was wondering if you or any of the totally awesome people that follow this blog could help me think of some ideas? (ideally easy to obtain and not too expensive) thank you for your time :)"

Well, 2 of my (Claire) favorites would be

Mama Umbridge

Or Taz :)

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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Anonymous asked: "NAC: is it StarKid or Starkid?"


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Anonymous asked: "It upsets me when I hear how fans are planning on "ambushing" Darren at G4 because he's not doing an autograph session. Remember, he's human and wants to have a good time at the con. Give the man his space."

Have people really been saying this? If so, I hope they were joking. Sometimes we forget that celebrities are regular people, and not our personal friends (even though we might know a lot about them, read their tweets, etc). Remember that Darren sees you as a stranger and think to yourself, “How and when would I be ok with having a stranger approach me?”

Now I realize that conventions are a great place to meet people, and when celebrities are walking around near a convention, they expect to be noticed by fans. By all means, if you have a good opportunity to meet him, I hope you do! But just try to make sure you’re not imposing on him or making him uncomfortable.

For example, never approach a celebrity if you see them doing the following:

  • Leaving or going into a bathroom (and if you actually run into a celebrity while you are in the bathroom, please just pretend you don’t notice them. Because,that’s super awkward)
  • Eating a meal

Consider maybe not approaching a celebrity if you see them in the following situations:

  • In deep conversation with someone
  • If they are with their kids/family
  • If they just look generally busy

Lastly, if you guys happen to be staying at the same hotel and you run into him in the lobby and he looks approachable, cool. But please do not hang around his hotel lobby if you have no business being there (other than hoping to meet him), and please, please do not try to find out his room number/floor and try to meet him there!

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